Berlin is not a place where things happen according to the normal rules. And Berlin’s Torpedo Boyz - former winners of the US Independent Music Award for best dance/electronica album - are proof of that.

Just like the city’s lively music scene and legendary nightlife - where fresh ideas instantly become club land reality and the scene maintains its edge with shape-shifting spontaneity - the Torpedo Boyz have outlived all kinds of trends to remain an absolutely unique phenomenon in Germany’s capital. Many of those who witnessed the legendary nights with the Torpedo Boyz performing in places such as the SouthBySouthWest Festival in Austin (Texas), the CMJ in New York, the Tresor Club in Berlin, the Roxy Theatre in LA or in cities as far as Beijing, Moscow or Almaty (Kazakhstan) still rave about their exceptional performances.
But in 2011, just when they were poised to break in the US the Torpedo Boyz were forced to take a 3-year hiatus due to the tragic death of one of their vocalists, Returner.


But as one of their new tracks is entitled, the “Show Must Go On.". Today their legendary long players their debut, Headache Music, the award-winning Cum On Feel The Boyz, as well as their last album Return Of The Ausländers remain ground-breaking releases for many die-hard leftfield pop fans. Many Torpedo Boyz Club Chart Top 10 Hits such as “Gimme a Bassline!”, “Are You Talking To Me???”, “Japaneeze Boyz” or “Ich bin Ausländer (leider zum Glück)” are still being played on dancefloors around the globe while Radio DJs from Berlin to Los Angeles can't resist picking Torpedo Boyz tracks for their playlists.
Their unique up-to-the-minute leftfield pop sounds and cracking funky beats have also been noted by many music supervisors for film and advertisements. Torpedo Boyz songs have been in strong demand for movie trailers, TV ads and soundtracks (see detailed list below). Their musicianship and infectious energy paired with their zany outfits helped make them a household name for breakbeat DJs and club music lovers, a cult that remains strong to this day.


In 2015, four years after their last album release, the Torpedo Boyz are about to break free again! Currently they are in the studio giving their brand new album its finishing touches! Their still untitled 4th album will again encompass the Torpedo philosophy, with eclectic modern sounds, musical surprises and their signature cheeky we-don’t-give-a-shit attitude. Of course they stick to their distinctive mix of Japanese, English and German lyrics (this time with added Spanish lyrics) and keep the listeners confused while continuing to blur borders between genres.
2015 will be another Torpedo year! Watch out for their new single coming this summer, and their long awaited new album later this year! The Torpedo madness is to be continued...for sure!




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Torpedo Boyz - Back To The Beatz!
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Torpedo Boyz - Ich bin Ausländer (leider zum Glück)