Pet Owner - Natural Behaviour (Album) Release 9. September 2022

Natural Behaviour is the debut LP by Lea Mathis aka Pet Owner. The songwriter from Lucerne describes with a velvety voice the world that surrounds her. She programs drum machines from the 80s, adds folky guitar riffs, quirky noises and elapsed synths. What emerges is a contemporary mélange of folktronica and bubblegum pop. The ten tracks are a collaged exploration of perceptional spheres (natural to artificial), emotional states and physical experiences. With childlike curiosity, Pet Owner first exposes herself to these impressions, and then turns to the computer: From mooing cows to a VSS-30 voice sampler, she produces her music with all the treasures she can find. She recorded most of her LP with Amadeus Fries, her partner in Little Fellow. For years, they have been sharing their love for manipulated sounds and working in the best DIY manner. Working with Fries as co-producer was hence an obvious choice. In addition to the colourful essence of the music, so too are the artwork and music videos for the LP created by Pet Owner. Retro chic and 3D game design are enmeshed to present indie pop art, highlighting the importance of the creative process (craft and snippets), just as much as the finished track or clip.