Die Wilde Jagd is the music project of producer and songwriter Sebastian Lee Philipp.Channeling minimalist, tenebrous intensity, Die Wilde Jagd’s music weaves a dense andatmospheric web of drama, romance, ecstasy and melancholy.

The band has released four studio albums and several EPs, accompanied by numerousinternational tours and concerts. Gaining noticeable recognition with the eponymous 2015debut album, Die Wilde Jagd’s breakthrough came with the release of 2018’s “Uhrwald Orange”. Its fusion of psychedelic minimalism and German lyrics captivated audiences andcritics alike, with the single “2000 Elefanten” receiving widespread radio and DJ support. Following two years of extensive touring across over 20 countries, the third album “Haut” was released in 2020, accompanied by another radio success for its single “Himmelfahrten”. Shortly after, Philipp composed the commission piece “Atem” for Roadburn Festival, premiering in Tilburg on April 16th 2021. The most recent album, “Ophio”, was released in 2023 and subsequently presented as an audio-visual experience in numerous renowned German theatres, such as the Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin, and Kampnagel in Hamburg.

The Die Wilde Jagd Live show features Sebastian Lee Philipp on guitar, electronics andvoice, Ran Levari on drums and percussion, and Lih Qun Wong on cello and vocals.


Monheim am Rhein


Die Wilde Jagd – 2000 Elefanten (official video)
Die Wilde Jagd - Atem (Live at Roadburn Festival 2021)
Die Wilde Jagd Live at Roadburn Festival 2021 (Full concert)